Telehope Interview

Telehope Has A "Remedy" For The End of Summer Blues

Telehope Has A "Remedy" For The End of Summer Blues

Telehope has been making a name for themselves as of late with their immense and brightly polished positive vibes that are omnipresent throughout their music, and position themselves...

Chasing Dreams and the Importance of Giving Back

Obviously, you care so much about these songs to make it that emotional and to put yourself in that vulnerable place. That must’ve been sort of scary for you guys wasn’t it?

Adolph: I would say especially with “Ghost”, that one’s pretty black and white about some of the stuff that I was going through a couple of years ago and

Telehope Bring Unparallelled "Joy"

Cincinnati, OH based indie pop collective Telehope bring an infectious and energetic style to music in their brand new live video for the song "Joy". The piano driven melodies and inspiring lyricism will definitely drive you mad as these