We are telehope


The Name

Telehope is a mix between 'telescope' and 'hope.' It means looking to the hope in the distance and drawing it near.

the inspirations

COIN, The 1975, OneRepublic, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Owl City, Walk The Moon

the story

It began with a dream, but it started when Telehope sold out their first album release show in Cincinnati in early 2017. Since then, their music has appeared on MTV and A&E programs and featured on Spotify's Discover Weekly playlists.  Telehope’s fans are their first priority, and they put on a show that makes you dance and laugh. The band’s mission is to bring hope through their encouraging lyrics and upbeat music.

The Members

Vocals, Guitar / Mark Brad
Guitar / Adolph Goetz
Keyboard / Ben Malson
Drums / James Malson